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Which assignment formats does Class Companion support?
Which assignment formats does Class Companion support?

Short answer, long essay, and outline

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We support 3 assignment formats:

  1. Short answer - Each assignment consists of one or more questions. You can use built-in rubrics (e.g., SAQ, FRQ) or create your own.

    1. Without stimulus. Example: Explain one cause of the Civil War.

    2. With stimulus. Students are given an excerpt from a primary or secondary source. Example: Given this excerpt from the Zimmerman telegram, explain how it contributed to the U.S. entry into World War I.

  2. Essay - We accept typed and handwritten essays. Handwritten essays take a couple days to process. You can use built-in rubrics (e.g., LEQ, DBQ) or create your own.

  3. Outline - The AI will walk students through the steps to create an outline for an essay.

    1. We find that this tool is useful for teaching structured thinking and writing fundamentals. In addition, students may be able to complete multiple outlines in the same amount of time that is needed to write one complete essay. Thus, outlining is a way to get more reps with essay writing.

If you create your own assignments, remember that you may have an assignment that approximates one of these formats. For example, concept application or SCOTUS comparison from the AP US Gov & Pol are essentially short answer. We recommend starting with short answer if you're creating your own assignment.

If you would like to add an assignment format that is not currently supported, please contact [email protected]. We will work with you to try support your needs.

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