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How do I create a custom rubric?
How do I create a custom rubric?

Control how the AI gives feedback.

Updated over a week ago

You can tell the AI exactly what to focus on by creating customizing your rubric.

How it Works

Start by creating your own assignment.

In the Rubric section, click Create new rubric.

You can either

  • Paste in a chunk of instructions or criteria in paragraph or list form

  • Add your rubric as a table

Of course, the more detail, the better. However, you don't need to do anything special to your instructions. Try adding it, as is, first. You might be pleasantly surprised!

When you save your rubric, you can use it again for future assignments.

You can click Preview after you create your assignment and try answer your a question, just to get a feel for how the AI is interpreting your rubric.

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