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How do I create an assignment?
How do I create an assignment?

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How to Create Your Own Assignment

  1. Go to Assignments >> Add Assignment >> Create from Scratch

  2. Follow the 3-step process on the page.

    1. Choose the format. There are 3 types of assignments: short answer (with or without stimulus), essay, and outline.

    2. If you check β€œAdd to Library,” this allows other teachers to see and use your content. If you are confident in the quality of your assignment, or if you are a part-time content creator, we encourage you to add to the community by making your assignments public. We may remove low-quality content.

  3. Choose your rubric. You can pick from built-in rubrics or create your own.

  4. Add your questions and attachments, and click Finish to save your assignment.

    1. The pop-up asks whether you want to publish immediately.

You can edit or delete your assignments. Go to Assignment library and filter for Creator = Me. Then click the 3 dots and Delete Assignment.

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