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How do I create an assignment?
How do I create an assignment?

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How to Create Your Own Assignment

  1. Go to Assignments >> Add Assignment >> Create from Scratch

  2. Follow the 3-step process on the page.

    1. Choose the format. There are 3 types of assignments: short answer (with or without stimulus), essay, and outline.

    2. If you check “Add to Library,” this allows other teachers to see and use your content. If you are confident in the quality of your assignment, or if you are a part-time content creator, we encourage you to add to the community by making your assignments public. We may remove low-quality content.

  3. Choose your rubric. You can pick from built-in rubrics or create your own.

  4. Add your questions and attachments, and click Finish to save your assignment.

    1. The pop-up asks whether you want to publish immediately.

You can edit or delete your assignments. Go to Assignment library and filter for Creator = Me. Then click the 3 dots and Delete Assignment.

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